Food and You

Most of us have heard that our bodies are made up of 70% water, therefore it makes sense to drink plenty of water. It clears out the toxins. Just think of stagnant water and how uninviting and dirty it looks compared to a running fresh stream. That’s the way to look at our bodies and water.

Keep the fresh water coming and your body will operate like a fresh stream, clean and full of energy. Don’t bother to drink water and your body becomes stagnant like the dirty pool of water and unenergetic. Water is good for you!

In the same way, food is good for you! Well the right food anyway. It can help prevent health conditions developing and help recovery from health conditions. Some foods are better for some conditions. Also some us thrive on some foods more than others, which is largely due to our genetics over many generations. Even if it is not a genetic condition.

Being overweight is of course a common reason that triggers health conditions. This is a great video for getting you own track in a healthy way¬†to make sure you don’t eat more calories than you burn! Which at the end of the day is about the amount your eat and how healthy your food is. Your body is a miraculous it deserves to be looked after. Look after your body and it WILL look after you!


Here we explore some common conditions, such as diabetes, autism and cancer and how nutrition, the food we eat, can help bring about positive change in our bodies. Enjoy!